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FR-1006 "Yukon Ballads"
Yukon Gold; Irena Cheyenne; Buckets of Steel; Echo of the Yukon; `98 Trail.  
Paddlewheeler; My Book of Yukon Memories; Waltz of the Yukon; Yukon Cheechako; Unfortunate Miner.  
  Bonus tracks on CD:  
  Judgement in the Snow; Klondike Kate; Twilight in the Yukon; There's Gold in Them Thar Hills;The Lost Patrol; Sam Steele.  
FR-1009 "Call Of Alaska" 17 Alaska songs -11 Al Oster & 6 other)
Alaska Star 49; Iditarod Trail; Beautiful Alaska; When the Ice Worms Nest Again; Way Up Alaska Way; My Yukalaska Girl.  
Call of Alaska; North to Alaska; Ballad of Soapy Smith; Arctic Eskimo; Alaska Earthquake; Whispering Pines.  
  Bonus tracks on CD:  
  He's Sleeping in a Klondike Vale; Blow Northwind Blow; Phantom of the Arctic; Springtime In Alaska; Kee Bird Song;  

FRCD- 09-1011 "More Yukon"
Northland, Going Home to Yukon, Cheechaklo's Beard. White Pass Wheels, Hi-Way to Alaska, Looking for Silver and Gold, 49 Days, Sunshine of the Yukon,  
White Pass Yukon Rail, 918 Miles, Klondike,Swiftwater Bill, Klondike Cattle Drive, Laughing Mountain Goat, The Rain That Never Came  

FRLP-1006 (Vinyl Record Album) "Yukon Ballads" (Inventory clearance)
- contents same as Cassette FRLP-1006

Music/Video Documentary (VHS or DVD)
NLV - 101 "Yukon Gold" (VHS-NTSC or PAL)
DVD - 101 "Yukon Gold" (NTSC only)

Yukon Gold; There's Gold in Them Thar Hills; 98 Trail; Paddlewheeler;
Buckets of Steel; Echo of the Yukon; My Book of Yukon Memories

A 28 minute musical documentary of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush days featuring video filmed archival photos of Yukon Gold Rush yesterday in comparison with the Yukon of today backgrounded by Al Oster compositions of Klondike Gold Rush era legends.

Song/Photo Book
25 musical Al Oster compositions (100 pages) of well known Northland
and Klondike Gold Rush legends accompanied by lead sheet music and lyrics, and brief, but accurate and comprehensive narratives about the historical significance of several legends. It also includes over 55 archivaland other photos of historical Yukon folklore.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS (AL OSTER C.M.= historical music compositions & achievements)
1968 - BMI Canada Certificate of Honor (Irena Cheyenne)
1993 - Yukon Historical Society Heritage Award
1999 - Governor-General Order of Canada Member investiture
2000 - Kanta Ministries Order of Canada Honor
2001 - Country Gospel Music Assoc. Honorary Inductee
2003 - Queen Elizabeth 11 Golden Jubilee Medal

2003 - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame (Nashville, USA)

2006 Yukon Commissioner's Public Service Award

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