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Key of A * 4/4 * Moderately * Copyright by Northland Music 1965 (SOCAN)
She was/a born in A/ laska, in a/7e little mining/a town
Her/ father was a/ miner, the/e7 best for miles a/a round
He/d loved his pretty/a daughter, he/d loved this pretty/a girl
Her/ mother died when/ she was born, she's/e7 all he had in the/a world.

He/a gave her all his/ father's love, he/e7 gave her all he/d had
It/ never crossed his/ mind to think, some/e7 day she would be/a sad
Her/d laughing eyes, her/a smiling face, were a/d comfort in his/a home
/And he knew the/ time would come, she'd/e7 leave him here a/a lone.
/d Pretty little Indian /a maiden,
I /d rena Chey /a enne
Her /d life is slowly /a fading
No one /seems to under /e7 stand
Of a /a father's love, a / prison world
A /d cheating gambling /a man
Of a /d broken heart, a /a lonely girl
I /e7 rena Chey / enne.
Then/ came the day she/ left her home, and/ went on into/ town
To/ find herself a/ lover man, with a/ dream of settling/ down
She/ fell in love with a/ gambling man, who/ cheated, drank and/ lied
He/ loved her for a/ little while, then/ cast her love a/ side.
Repeat Chorus

Her/ father heard of the/ gambling man, and/ in to town did/ ride
/ Vengeance deep with/ in his heart, and a/ pistol by his/ side
He/ loved his pretty/ daughter, no/ man would bring her/ shame
This/ gambling man would/ marry her, and/ give her child a/ name.

Her/ father said to the/ gambling man, my/ daughter you will/ wed
The/gambler laughed, a/pistol roared, and the/gambling man was/dead
They/ took her Dad to/ prison then, the/ judge said he must/ go
/ Right or wrong he/ didn't mind, he/ loved his daughter/ so.
Repeat Chorus