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(Key of "A" * 4/4 * Moderately * Copyright © 1962 by Northland Music Co. (SOCAN)

(1) Well /a gold was found near / Dawson town
In /d eighteen ninety /a eight
And the / miners came to / stake a claim
For / fortune or for /e7 fate.
With a /a pick and pan for / every man
And a /d blanket for the /a cold
Like a /d winding chain they /a came and came
To /e7 look for yellow /a gold .
Well /d this was the / Yukon, it was /a wild, it was /e7 free
Where / gold and the / Klondike, made / Yukon histor /a y
When the /d northern wind is/ blowing, o, o, /a listen and you'll /e7 hear
The / Echo of the / Yukon, from / the days of yester /a year .

(2) Well the /a men were rough and the / women tough
Some /d lived a life of /a sin
Some / gave their soul for an / ounce of gold
Or a / drink of whiskey /e7 gin
And the /a dance hall girls with / long black curls
Stood /d by their doors so /a bold
They /d waved their thumb said, /a "Miner come,
And /e7 bring your poke of /a gold".

(3) There was / Dan McGrew and a / gal named Lou
And the / Yukon Cheecha / ko
There was / Windy Ike and / One-eye Mike
And / Cotton Fingers / Joe
There was / Sam McGee from / Tennessee
And a / man called Ace High / Dan
There was / Muck Luk Mag and / Hairless Dagg
And / Dawson Queenie / Anne.

(4) Then / came the day so / dark and gray
And the / Dawson lights were / dimmed
And the / only sound from the / hills around
Was the / wail of the northern / wind
Old / Dawson town has / settled down
The / gold rush days are / gone
And the / days of old are / stories told
And the / memories linger / on.