1924 - 1926
- Born Albert Adam Oster, Dec. 3, 1924 in a one room house on a homestead 12 miles east of Vanguard, Saskatchewan to John Harold and Mary (nee Stregger) Oster, the oldest of 4 sons.
1927 - 1938
- Raised on a farm 7 miles southwest of Macoun, Saskatchewan.
1939 - 1943
- Moved to Langley, in the Fraser Valley of BC to escape the severe drought and prairie depression.
- Roamed through central BC and western Alberta ranches as a singing ranch hand and cowboy.
- Wrote numerous country western songs. "After Tonight" published & recorded by Cinemart Music, USA.
1944 - 1956
- Toured BC interior with Mike Harris & Lynn Gibson as vocalist & rhythm guitarist.
- One tour with Hank Smith as lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist
- Guest appearances on Evan Kemp's CJOR "Buckskin Opry"
1957 - 1958
- Relocated to Whitehorse, Yukon with wife Mary, daughter Donna and son Lorne.
- Worked as a TV announcer/operator and news anchor man for WHTV
- Began a ½ hour music Al Oster TV show featuring Yukon artists and legends. Show ran for 3 years.
- Wrote, recorded and released first 45 RPM single record called "Next Boat" b/w "Midnight Sun Rock"
1959 - 1960
- Wrote and recorded 11 compositions about Yukon folklore and released KRLP-1 "Yukon Gold".
1961- 1962
- Toured western Canada with Jake Doell & "The ChuckWagon Drivers" on the "Yukon Gold Show".
- Recorded KR45-2 "Kee Bird Song" b/w "Waltz of the Yukon" with "The ChuckWagon Drivers".
- Began a 3 year CBC radio show called "Northland Echoes" with John Hutsul and Gerry King.
- Wrote 12 northern historical songs, recorded and released KRLP-2 "Northland Ballads".
- Released KR45-3 "49 Days" b/w Gerry King's "Six Long Years". 49 Days is the miraculous story of the Ralph Flores and Helen Klaban aeroplane crash survival in the Yukon wilderness.
- Recorded and released KRLP-3 "Alaska Star 49" for an Alaskan travelogue filmstrip.
- Formed Alkon Inc. in Burns, Oregon, USA with offices in Burns, Portland, and Seattle, Wash.
- Released AK45-101 "Irena Cheyenne" b/w "Way Up Alaska Way" as first Alkon Inc. release.
- Canadian Music Sales in Toronto releases 12 Al Oster compositions LP called "Echo of the Yukon".
- Released AKLP-1 and AKLP-2 on the Alkon label in USA.
- Released a 24 Al Oster double AKLP-3 "Alaska" production commemorating their 100 year centennial.
- Performed a 2 week stage show at the Canadian Pavilion Expo 67 with Hank Karr.
Recorded a CBC LP called "Yukon Stars".
- Jimmy Arthur Ordge recorded "Irena Cheyenne" from the KRLP-3 album on (Point) Decca Records.
- Harry Rusk records "My Book of Yukon Memories" on (Point) Decca Records.
- Awarded the BMI Canada Certificate of Honour for the composition "Irena Cheyenne".
- Invited by Expo 70 to Osako, Japan in the Canadian Pavilion. Unable to accept.
1969 - 1974
- LP vinyl albums "Yukon Gold", "Northland Ballads" and "Alaska Star 49" removed from circulation.
1975 - 1977
- Guest on CBC network TV "Stompin' Tom's" Across Canada show. Sang Yukon songs.
- Stompin' Tom records "Paddlewheeler" on an LP.
1978 - 1980
- Collector Record Co., Holland releases rock n' roll LP including "Midnight Sun Rock" and "Next Boat"
- Hank Karr records a 12 song CBC LP of Al Oster songs called "Paddlewheeler".
1982 - 1986
- Klondike Record Co. becomes Frontier Record Co.
- Re-recorded 10 Yukon ballads in 24 track studio and released FRLP-1006 "Yukon Ballads".
- Cattle Records in Germany release 2 each 16 song LP's of Al Oster compositions .
- Released a 28 minute documentary music/video called "Yukon Gold" (NLV-101) on May 15, 1988.
1989 -1992
- Released 25 ballad, 100 page song book containing 75 archival photos, geographical data and facts.
- Received the "Heritage Award" from The Yukon Historical and Museum Society.
- Released FRLP-1008 "Country Gospel" LP cassette and CD.
- Released FRLP-1009 "Call of Alaska" LP cassette and CD.
- Rainer Schmeissner "Country Ideals" releases a Germany produced 200 page publication of Yukon Songs containing 20 Al Oster compositions, photos and biographical information.
1999 (Jan. 1)
- Released FRLP-0010 "Northland Echoes" containing 10 new compositions of Northland legends.
2000 (Feb. 9)
- Investiture into The Order Of Canada hosted by Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson..
- Received Queen Elizabeth 11 Golden Jubilee Medal.
- Inducted into Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, Nashville, Tenn., USA for "Midnight Sun Rock"

-July 1 Received Yukon Commissioner's Public Service Award

released FRLP - 1011 More Yukon CD


1968-69 BMI Canada Certificate of Honour (Irena Cheyenne)
2000 (Feb. 9) Order Of Canada
2002 Queen Elizabeth 11 Golden Jubilee Medal
2004 Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, Nashville, Tn., USA (Midnight Sun Rock)
2006 Yukon Commissioner's Public Service Award

and numerous Certificates of Appreciation from the Lions, Elks, Kiwanis, Eagles, Canadian Legions, etc.





Building the WPR
Gold in The Klondike
"I'll remember the times that I've wandered
The streets of an old mining town
And the romance of days gone forever
That's written in the ruins lying around"
"My Book of Yukon Memories"

All music and lyrics © Northland Music Co.