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(Key of "G" * 4/4 * Moderately)

One /g day in nineteen / sixty three, just /c at the break of /g dawn
A /d7 plane took off from / Whitehorse, heading / south to Ft. St. /g John
Ralph / Flores at the / throttle, Helen /c Klaban sitting /g by
They /c sped along the /g runway, into a /d7 cold and frosty /g sky.
Twas a /d7 cold and bitter / Yukon morn, at /c forty-two be /g low
And a /d7 northern wind was / bringing in, /c clouds that carried /g snow
The /g danger of their / journey, they be /c gan to real /g ize
As /c dark clouds rolled a /g round them, in the /d7 wintry Yukon /g skies.
/em Forty-nine /g days, /c fate would play its /g hand
/em Forty-nine /g days, in a /c cold and lonely /g land.
He /g tried to ride a / bove the clouds, but he /c couldn't make the /g climb
He /d7 tried to ride on / through them, and he /c had to fly it /g blind
But / fate was all a / gainst them, no /c matter what he /g tried
And /c flying low in the /g snowstorm, they /d7 hit the mountain /g side.
For /d7 weeks we searched the / mountains, to /g find the missing /g plane
/d7 Up and down the / valleys, then a /c round and back a /g gain
The /g chance they might be / living, were a /c thousand odds to /g one
If the /c timber wolves don't /g get them, they'll /d7 freeze in the cold Yu /g kon.
/em Forty-nine /g days, where the /c timber wolves /g prowl
/em Forty-nine /g days, where the /c icy north winds /g howl.
Then / forty-nine days / later, a / plane was flying / low
They / saw down in a / clearing, S.O. / S. stamped in the / snow
They / searched the timbered / valley, they / circled `round and / round
Then / saw the twisted / wreckage, of a / plane that had come / down.
The / word was flashed to / Whitehorse, a / wreckage had been / found
And a / man and woman / still alive, were / spotted on the / ground
They / found them by a / campfire, be / neath the spruce and / pine
So / hungry, weak and / weary, they / found them just in / time.
/em Forty-nine /g days, /c they were still a /g live
/em Forty-nine /g days, Oh /c how could they sur /g vive.
The / pilot's ribs were / broken, and she / had a broken / arm
With / just a knife they / cut the wood, for a / fire to keep / warm
No / sleeping bag, no / axe or gun, and the / food supply was / low
They / lived for seven / lonely weeks, on / melted mountain / snow.
Their / feet and face were / frozen, but the / will to live was / strong
Each / day went by they / hoped and prayed, that / help would come a / long
Then / in the sky they / heard the sound, of an / engine on a / plane
Their / prayers had now been / answered, as the / rescue finally / came.
/em Forty-nine /g days, in a /c land cruel and /g cold
/em Forty-nine /g days, with /c hardships un /g told
/em Forty-nine /g days, in a /c wasteland of /g snow
/em Forty-nine /g days, /c forty-nine /g days